Song Production
_Basic rate of $60/hr.

_Complete song (one 6 hour session), $350. This is a      
       mixed stereo file in your choice of formats (wav, aiff,
     SD2, etc.).  For discreet tracks (separated into
     kick, snare, bass, piano, etc.) add $60.

_Tracks added to your existing recording, or individual
     instrument tracks created for your project, $60/hr.
Song Production
_Please contact me about your project BEFORE making deposit!
     Attach an mp3 of  the song. This can be a very rough recording,
     if that is all you have.

_Make a deposit of $100 using the Paypal link on this page.

_Send any other materials required for the project:

     _Text file of the lyrics. This helps me alot!  Give us examples
             of the style your looking for. Name a particular song and
             artist, for instance.  

     _Any additional audio files needed, such as vocal / instrument
             tracks.  Wavs are better than mp3s, but you will need to
             send them via one of the free file transfer sites like

     _We'll produce the intro, 1 verse, and 1 chorus, and send you
             an mp3 for your approval. Upon your approval we'll send you
             a Paypal bill for the balance, finish your song, and get the
             final mix and any other tracks to you using download links.
             Or, we can send you a CD or DVD-rom.

     We want you to be happy with your song!  If necessary, we will
     make one free revision, but additional revisions will be at
     the $50/hr rate.
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